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Criminal Justice Master's Degrees

Are you interested in advancing your knowledge of the justice system and becoming a more important part of the security, legal, or law enforcement organization that you already work for? Earning a master’s degree in criminal justice will make it possible for you to achieve a higher level of respect and a better salary in one of many positions in the field of private and public security, private investigation, event management, corrections and parolee services. Although there are many traditional programs that will allow you to earn a master’s degree in criminal justice, it is also possible to gain the training that you need online, from schools like Boston University.

Typically, most people are interested in pursuing their criminal studies at the graduate level because they feel that they would like to take the next step toward being placed in an administrative or managerial position at their current organization. You can research the additional educational requirements necessary for a career in criminal justice at our career center page.

Those that are able to commit at least two years to an advanced degree program will be able to build a much more competitive resume that their counterparts which only hold bachelor’s or lesser degrees. They will be eligible for positions at better organizations, and on average, they will earn thousands more dollars a year than other candidates.

Criminal Justice Schools