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Culinary Arts Master's Degrees

Have you spent most of your life working in restaurants and hotels, providing excellent cuisine and customer service to the guests in your community? The restaurant and hospitality industry is one of the only ones still expanding despite the economic slowdown. Earning a master’s degree in the culinary arts will allow you to get out of the trenches and achieve that management or supervisory position that you’ve always wanted. Some schools that currently offer a culinary arts master’s degree include The Culinary Institutes of America and The Art Institutes.

Those that pursue this advanced level of training will emerge with a master of the higher level processes involved in a restaurant or hotel management situation, including food science, safety, and nutritional planning, kitchen management and human resources supervision, menu planning and cost control and quality control. You’ll develop skills that will make is possible to assume administrative positions, or open your own business sometime in the future. It’s possible to research further educational requirements for this degree at our culinary arts career center page.

Any time you take the initiative to advance your own education on a particular topic, you are only increasing your value in the eyes of current and future employers. Those with a graduate degree in this area typically earn well over the salary amounts of their colleagues with lesser degrees and training.

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