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Forensic Science Master's Degrees

A master’s degree in forensics will provide you with a thorough understanding of a specific area of forensic science such as digital forensics or forensic psychology. Degree programs will focus on the basic scientific areas of physics, chemistry, and biology as well as quantitative statistics and analysis. A master’s degree in forensics provides you with the requirements necessary for advanced careers in criminalistics and other forensic sciences including, but not limited to toxicology, entomology, pathology, anthropology, and DNA analysis. Florida International University's online forensic science master’s programs are designed to prepare students to work in all levels of this field.  The University of Central Florida also offers online master’s degrees that focus on the areas of biochemistry and DNA analysis that are needed to be employed in local, state, and national crime laboratories.

A master’s degree in forensics is right for you if you are seeking to advance your career in a specific field of forensic science where you will take on additional responsibilities and managerial roles. Research the education requirements for specific forensic science field careers at our forensic science career center page.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for those in the forensic sciences is favorable, with a projected growth rate of 20 percent through 2018. The growth is expected to be greater at the state and local levels within crime laboratory settings.

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