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History Master's Degrees

A master’s degree in history will provide you with a deeper understanding of the most influential times and regions that have helped to shape the modern world.  Programs in this area of study will likely focus on global development along with research and analysis. A master’s degree in history will prepare the student for a wide variety of occupations including foreign service, cultural liaison, educator, or even a legislative analyst. Norwich University Online offers a degree program with a focus on military history for students who are interested in studying more about global conflicts. University of Nebraska – Kearney’s eCampus also offers a masters of fine arts in history degree with a course of study that allows the student to gain more in-depth knowledge and insight into different cultural regions around the world.

A master’s degree in history is right for you if you enjoy research and have the ability to apply that research knowledge to events that are happening in the present or will happen in the future.  Research the education requirements for specific history field careers at our history career center page.

Most students who earn an advanced degree in history will need to specialize in a particular aspect to maximize their earnings potential. For those who use the degree to become historians, the most likely employers will be state and local government agencies.

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