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Physical Therapy Master's Degrees

If you have always had the desire to help people, or even heal them, a physical therapy schools master program might very well be the perfect option for you. Without a degree from an accredited university, whether online, in the case of A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, or at a physical university, such as St. Louis University, it could be unlikely that you will go very far in the field of physical therapy.

This is because most employers who have the power to hire physical therapists, such as doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics – not to mention yourself in the option of self employment – can legally only hire people who have gone through a physical therapy schools master program or above. There's no negotiating. Because it's in the medical field, there are a great many liabilities that must be hedged. This is done by making sure the physical therapist is well educated and not going to make simple mistakes that can have a big effect on a patient's health and ability to heal him or herself.

For that reason, a physical therapy school master program is the right option for many people interested in the field. And the rewards can be excellent, with an annual salary often topping six figures. But that is simply one kind of reward. The others come with knowing you have helped someone heal their pain.

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