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Public Health Master's Degrees

Johns Hopkins University -- Master's Public Health
Location: Baltimore, MD.
Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, the largest and among the first public health colleges in the world, is dedicated to cutting-edge research and the improvement of disease prevention and improved health on a global level. Johns Hopkins offers public health master’s degrees in a variety of fields, with dual degree opportunities for students seeking healthcare-related careers in social work, international relations, or law.  

Harvard University -- Master's Public Health
Location: Boston, MA.
Harvard University’s School of Public Health focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to education—a solid foundation in medical sciences anchors work toward solutions to today’s most pressing healthcare problems, while training in social sciences assists in raising awareness of health issues with world leaders. Harvard University features several public health master’s degrees, including a comprehensive Master of Public Health program covering the fundamentals of public health care.  

Columbia University -- Master's Public Health
Location: New York, NY.
Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health has been active for nearly a century now. While the school has a large global presence, it also maintains strong ties to its own community, working with New York city officials to improve school clinics, curb the urban asthma epidemic, and increase HIV/AIDS education and care throughout the city. Columbia University offers several public health master’s degree options, including part time degrees for working students.  

University of California – Los Angeles -- Master's Public Health
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
UCLA’s School of Public Health employs a practical, hands-on approach to education, provided by some of the leading experts in the industry – its faculty includes members of the Institute of Medicine and several past presidents of the American Public Health Association. UCLA’s School of Public Health offers several public health master’s degrees, from the research-based Master of Science to the service-based Master of Public Health. 

Yale University -- Master's Public Health
Location: New Haven, CT.
The Yale School of Public Health operates as both a medical school and as a research institute. Established nearly a century ago, Yale has played an integral part in reforming Connecticut’s health care system. Their School of Public Health offers a master degree with the choice of several concentrations, as well as the rigorous Advanced Professional Master of Public Health, for students and professionals with clear-cut career goals in the public health field.  

Stanford University -- Master's Public Health
Location: Palo Alto, CA.
Stanford University’s School of Medicine is a leading research-based medical school that puts an emphasis on community service and innovation through collaboration and leadership. Situated in Silicon Valley, Stanford is surrounded by the latest in new technology. Although Stanford’s School of Medicine does not directly offer a public health master degree itself, it does offer students a Medical Doctor/Master of Public Health dual degree in conjunction with the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley.  

University of California – Berkeley -- Master's Public Health
Location: Berkeley, CA.
The UC Berkeley School of Public Health is progressive in its ideals, taking an ecological approach to health care education; it is also dedicated to community service, working with public health departments, biotech companies, and medical colleagues at nearby UC San Francisco. UC Berkeley offers three different types of public health master degrees, with a choice of eleven different concentrations.  

University of Texas -- Master's Public Health
Location: Houston, TX.
The School of Public Health at University of Texas’ Health Science Center specializes in research, particularly in the areas of environmental health and disease control. UT offers several public health master’s degrees at locations throughout the state – the school features five satellite locations in addition to the main Houston campus, and embraces the concept of distance learning techniques such as interactive television and web-based courses.  

Tulane University -- Master's Public Health
Location: New Orleans, LA.
Tulane University boasts not only the oldest School of Public Health in the United States, but also the prestige of being the only School of Tropical Medicine in the country. As such, the school is a leader in global health, aiming to advance understanding of public health as well as disease and mortality prevention around the world. Tulane offers a number of public health master degrees, including the school’s signature concentration of tropical medicine.  

George Washington University -- Master's Public Health
Location: Washington, DC.
George Washington University is home to the only public health school in Washington, DC—in this unique position, students are provided with training and internship opportunities that underscore the public health policies debated every day in the nation’s capital. GWU offers a wide range of public health master degrees, from the Master of Public Health to Master of Science degrees offered in conjunction with other medical and social based schools at George Washington University.  

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