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Social Work Master's Degrees

Because many social work jobs require at least a master's degree, and in some cases a doctorate, those interested in pursuing a job in the rewarding field of social work might want to begin considering entering a social work degrees master program from an accredited university. Social work typically involves helping people who can't help themselves. This includes children, people with substance abuse, homeless people, the mentally ill and those with other problems. The social worker is often the person who links the person in need with the services and help that that person needs to survive.

The course work for a social work degrees master program includes a broad array of focuses that will help the social worker help the people that really need it. They include: social justice, policy analysis, human behavior, psychology and other subjects. Communication skills are some of the most important tools a social worker can have because he or she is tasked to communicate with people who by definition have difficulty speaking and acting for themselves.

Someone with a social work degrees master can expect to between about $26,000 and $70,000 a year. But regardless of income, you will gain a lot of satisfaction for knowing that you help people every day. Some people make it a habit to dig deep and be charitable once or twice a year, but social workers might take a break for charitable acts once or twice a year.

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