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MBA Degrees

People come to MBA programs with a variety of needs. Maybe you're happy with your current employer but hunger for continuing education and professional development. Maybe you expect to work full-time while you're pursuing your degree during evenings or weekends. Or maybe you've decided to go to school full-time to take advantage of the intensity and focus it gives to your studies. Whatever your intentions, there is likely an MBA program that suits your needs.

One or Two Year (Full Time) MBA:
In a one or two-year full-time MBA Program, students often relocate to attend the school of their choice. Schooling is their first priority, and competition can be keen. In a two-year program, the first year is devoted to a general curriculum and the second to specialization and electives. During semester breaks, students often complete an internship. A one-year program is similar in intensity and focus; however, students may have a smaller core curriculum and fewer specialization opportunities.

Part-Time MBA Program:
These programs offer full-time working professionals the opportunity to earn their degree on evenings and weekends. Oftentimes, a part-time MBA Program has a similar curriculum to that of a full-time program, only the degree takes longer to complete.

Distance Learning/ Online MBA Program:
With the availability of the internet, e-mail, and video conferencing, these MBA degree programs can benefit people who need to remain in a particular geographic location or continue full-time employment while completing their studies.

MBA Specialty Degrees:
Rather than providing you with a more generalized core curriculum, these programs offer very specific degrees in fields that can otherwise be impossible to enter. A Specialty Degree might include a Master of Industrial Administration, Master of Health Care/Hospital Administration, or a Master of Computational Finance.

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