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Weighing each letter: Is an M.A. in English worth it?

In many cases, master's degrees are worth the time, money and effort because they can qualify you for better jobs and higher pay. But is a master's degree in English really worth it?… | Read More

Philosophy Programs vs. Theology Programs

Read about some of the distinctions between philosophy and theology programs, and what you might get out of each.… | Read More

Useful and Popular Degrees for Immigrants

For immigrants, like everyone else, education is the key to improving quality of life. Learn about five degrees that are great, popular choices for immigrants, leading to good jobs with benefits.… | Read More

Getting Your Money's Worth: 6 Degrees with High ROIs

Learn about measuring education return on investment, and see six degree programs which tend to yield a good return on investment.… | Read More

How to Read a School Review

Online school reviews can be a great help when picking a college, but your initial reaction might be “too much information!” After all, there are independent college guides, official college websites, and schools reviews written by students. It can be a huge task to take in so much information, let… | Read More

The Top 10 Signs Parents Should Return to Work

Americans live in an increasingly plugged-in world. A 2009 study by the Pew Research Center found that 93 percent of teens and young adults age 12 to 29 use the Internet. Of that number, 68 percent use the Internet to get news about current events and politics, 73 percent use… | Read More

Tips for Moms Going Back to School

Returning to school or pursuing higher education after having children can be both challenging and rewarding for many women. Balancing motherhood and college can often feel like a juggling act: in essence, it's like having two full-time jobs -- or three, if you have other work as well. Success is definitely possible, but it requires… | Read More

Benefits & Advantages of Online Degrees & Colleges

Online education is not just a concept of the future, but it is presently taking the education world by storm. Why do so many students attend class online? There are many reasons to go to earn your degree online and I have come up with a Top 10 Benefits of Online Colleges & Degrees.

1. Convenience

The top reason online learning has become so popular is the convenience of attending class on your schedule. Many people do… | Read More

Online PhD in Social Work

Are you ready to take your career in social work to the next level? Graduate social work degrees prepare students with cognitive skills and theoretical background they need to become leaders in their field. Whether your specialty is research or hands-on social welfare work, a PhD in social work will sharpen your skills and open doors to new worlds of opportunity.

What You Can Expect

Your bachelor’s degree probably prepared you for hands-on work in the field,… | Read More

Criminal Justice Education

Criminal Justice: What's It All About?

From law enforcement to legal matters, criminal justice has always been among the most respected and in-demand career fields in the country. In the wake of events like 9/11, fields like security and law enforcement in the United States have expanded greatly; at the same time, they also require staffing of an ever higher caliber.

A criminal justice degree is proof to potential employers that you are that higher caliber, equipping you… | Read More

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