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10 Military Friendly Colleges and Universities

The New York Times recently did a long article on returning veterans who are returning to school, and some of the schools that emerged as popular choices are surprising. Among the Ivy League schools Columbia has stepped forward and thrown out a welcome mat for returning servicemen and women. The school contacts veterans directly, using such resources as honors lists from community colleges.

Since the education component of the New GI Bill too effect in August, the federal government has paid out more than $1 billion in benefits. The most popular choices among the veterans are Maryland University College, and American International University (AIU), all three of which have major online education components. Veterans who need to work have that opportunity with the advent of quality distance learning.

One veterans website surveyed schools and ranked them based on "financial aid available to service members, the proximity to a military base and/or availability of distance learning, and positive policies for military service members (including but not limited to credit for military training and availability of faculty and advisors to military students)."

Their top ten includes Duquesne University, Southern Illinois, Bellevue University, Excelsior College, Pennsylvania's St. Francis University, the entire Dallas County Community College District along with online colleges Jones International University and TUI University.

Military Advance Education Magazine has put out an annual guide to military friendly colleges, in which they give particular recognition to the San Diego Community College District, Central Texas College, National University, Capella University and Central Michigan University.

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