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Accounting Schools in Alabama

Guide to Alabama Accounting Degree Programs

Finding a place to earn an accounting degree in Alabama isn’t difficult. You can choose to go to a range of schools that offer both traditional degree programs and ones that are done totally online. For the traditional options, you can go to Herzing University or ITT Tech. If you are looking for online choices, you might consider the American InterContinental University.

The courses you might take during an accounting degree program can vary greatly. One priority should be the requirements for your core curriculum subjects, like math, science and English. Some schools also require that you take some form of foreign language. There may also be electives that you can take, such as the aforementioned foreign language, classes in art or history, or additional mathematics courses.

Of course, the bulk of your education should involve accounting-based courses that can help you to better understand and navigate the financial world. These classes may cover tax laws, portfolio management, economics, personal finance and much more.

Alabama Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

As long as companies are both earning money and being held to legal standards of honesty, accountants have a place to ply their trade. Many tax-related legislations have been passed that have put businesses under increased scrutiny. This has caused many businesses to look for accountants who can help the company adopt compliant processes to comply with such legislation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, starting pay for accountants in 2008 can start anywhere from $33,000 to $45,000, depending on the position.

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