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Art & Design Degrees in Alabama

Guide to Alabama Art and Design Degrees

There is no better way for someone to show their creative side than by pursuing a degree in art and design. Alabama provides an array of universities to choose from when getting a degree, so students can look throughout the state for educational opportunities. Said students may find success at the  Remington College, along with other institutes within the state. There are also online and hybrid degree opportunities available so that students can pursue a degree right from their own home. If you are in search of a venue for your talents, you should be able to find it in Alabama.

A degree in art and design will cover a vast subject matter. There are many technical and creative specializations that one could go into with such a degree, depending on the location of the educational institute and the person’s passion in life. Students in an art and design program will be required to take basic courses like math, science, English, and history, along with courses specific to their major. Degree programs may be found at both the graduate and undergraduate levels so students can gain as much knowledge as they want to get the career of their dreams.

Alabama Art and Design Outlook and Salary

Most people who earn a degree in art and design end up in self-employment – more than 62% to be exact. Since there are a lot of career opportunities that spawn from a degree in art and design, the job outlook fluctuates. Students may choose to work as an art director, paint restorer, multimedia artist or printmaker, among a plethora of other careers. As a whole, there is a promising sign of growth in the near future for people with this degree, though opportunities may vary based on specialization and geographic location. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a 16 percent growth for the nation come 2016.

In reference to the salary of an art and design major, one might expect to make around $60,000 a year. However, that number is a very loose median as there are countless fluctuations in this widespread degree field. Art Directors may earn much more than struggling artists or the complete opposite could occur. It really just depends on talent, location, and opportunities. Time on the job may have little influence on pay, other than developing a larger client base. Overall, expect pay to vary on an individual basis.

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