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Nursing Schools in Alabama

Guide to Alabama Nursing Degree Programs

If you are planning to start or advance your nursing career, Alabama nursing schools are the perfect place to begin. Whether you plan to work in cities like Montgomery, Hoover, Auburn, Huntsville or Birmingham, there are schools that will suit your preferences and make your way to becoming a nurse a lot more convenient in terms of costs and proximity to your place.

Aside from being home to the biggest industrial growth region in the US, Alabama is also home to numerous hospitals that are recognized not just in the country but the world over for their top caliber health services and facilities. The University of Alabama Hospital, Athens-Limestone Hospital, Baptist Medical Center East and Crestwood Medical Center are just some of the top hospitals in the state and the US. On top of these facilities, the numerous Alabama nursing schools provide strong foundations for future nursing professionals.

After studying at any of the reputable Alabama nursing schools, a new nursing graduate who passes licensure exams can expect strong support from fellow professionals within the industry. Organizations like the Alabama State Nurses Association help in keeping licensed nurses ready to discharge their duties and assume their roles in the nursing profession. The strong support that the nursing profession gets translates to better opportunities and resources within the health care industry.

Alabama Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

In 2000, it was pointed out that the number of nurses in Alabama falls short of the required number of nurses per 100,000 people who need health care services. This shortage remains essentially the same today.  Just like the forecasts for the whole US, experts see a 29% shortage in nursing professionals by 20204. In short, the demand for nurses is expected to grow in the next decade.

In an effort to encourage students to take up courses in Alabama nursing schools and pursue a career in nursing, many foundations have set up scholarship trust funds for nursing students. For instance, the Alabama State Nursing Association is bent on increasing scholarship funds for deserving students.

As to salary, nurses in Alabama enjoy rewarding careers. The average salary of nurses in the state is anywhere from $48,000 to $58,000. That can be broken down to approximately $21 to $24 hourly wage for a 40 –hour workweek. Depending on the hospital and the years of experience, a registered nurse in Alabama can also enjoy other perks on top of the basic salary. Signing bonuses are also commonplace.

Additional Nursing Schools in Alabama

Auburn University School of Nursing
Jacksonville State University College of Nursing
University of Alabama - Capstone College of Nursing
Tuskegee University Department of Nursing

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