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Teaching & Education Degrees in Alabama

Teaching programs in Alabama vary slightly depending on the age group or the area of teaching you prefer. For kindergarten- and elementary-school teachers, courses are designed specifically for teaching basic skills. Aspiring middle- and secondary-school teachers usually major in the subject they plan to teach such as Spanish, English, history or math. Most teaching programs in Alabama also require students to complete a student-teaching internship. Some programs are available at traditional campuses, but you may be able to obtain an education by completing one of the online teaching degrees in Alabama. All public school teachers in Alabama must have a license. To obtain a license you must fulfill the requirements of one of the teaching programs in Alabama. According to the Alabama Department of Education, to obtain a state license you need to submit your education certificates along with a non-refundable $30 application fee. As a precondition for certification, applicants must meet all the criteria of the Alabama Prospective teaching Program. More than 35,000 teachers were employed in the state as elementary- and secondary- education teachers, according to May 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many other teachers were employed in the fields of preschool and special education. Elementary-education teachers earned mean wages of $46,810 and secondary-education teachers earned mean wages of $47,320, according to May 2009 data from the BLS. If a career teaching is of interest to you, you may want to consider starting work in one of the teaching programs in Alabama.

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