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Art & Design Degrees in Alaska

Guide to Alaska Art and Design Degree Programs

Educational opportunities for people wanting to pursue a degree in art and design in Alaska are somewhat limited, but that in no way indicates that they are nonexistent. Students may go to Charter University if they want to attend school in person, but they may also seek an art and design degree in person. Majors abound in this degree field, as students can choose to go into Applied Art and Design, Art History, Performing Arts, Architecture, Film, Graphic Design and more.

Common coursework for someone seeking a degree in art and design will vary based on the specific major the person is pursuing. Students across the board have to participate in the core curriculum like math, science, history and English. The other courses will be geared towards specialization within the field. Architecture majors will take CAD based design courses, while Art History majors will take a lot of courses on various eras and movements in the art world. Minors will also lead to different coursework that may not even be related to the field, like foreign language or business courses.

Alaska Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

The U.S. Bureau of labor and statistics predicts a fair growth for the field of art and design overall up until the year 2016. Actual growth in a student’s specialization may or may not be imminent based on the availability in the state of Alaska. There is a rich culture found in this state though, so there should be an abundance of opportunities to work in art museums in the area. Some of the oldest and best examples of Aboriginal art can be found in Alaska, so this could be the perfect place for people to study native artwork and culture. Heritage based artwork is all over the state, providing a need for people willing to preserve and honor the works of the past.

An art and design degree can lead to a range of career opportunities in Alaska. Students may seek to work as Art Directors, Self-Employed Artists, Scenic Painters, Painting Restorers, and Museum Directors, along with many other career positions. Salary will be entirely based on a person’s specific situation as there are great fluctuations within the field. On average, most people with art and design degrees make $60,000 a year or more, but special artists may make double that if the clients are there. Your earnings will be derived from the career you pursue.

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