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Engineering Degrees in Alaska

Guide to Alaska Engineering Schools

Alaska has a lot more to offer than many people might think. The state has grown a lot and come a long way in offering higher education opportunities for those who seek them. The state is actually home to many different engineering colleges and Alaska is the largest petroleum supplier in the entire United States. Civil engineering degrees can get you into the action with this high-paying, quickly growing career field. However, there are also many other types of engineering jobs that are available for people to choose from.

Choosing an engineering school in Alaska isn’t as complicated as it might be in other states because there are fewer options. However, you will still need to consider all of the colleges, technical engineering programs, and online courses that are available within the field of engineering to make sure that you get the education that works for you. Fortunately, if you do not find the school that you want in the state of Alaska, you can consider online courses as a way to get your engineering degree in any field that you want so that you can move on with your career. Online courses are also a great choice for those students who need more flexibility or convenience in their higher education.

Alaska Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The outlook for job futures in Alaska engineering is very good. The state is already booming with a need for engineers of all kinds, and offers great pay to those who choose this as their profession. Civil engineers, electronics engineers, and other engineers will average between $70,000 and $88,000 annually, while petroleum engineers will take the salary cake with an annual average of more than $148,000 for their skills. Of course, depending on the position that you take and the level of education and experience that you have, you could make more or less than the state averages, so keep that in mind.

With a rapidly growing economy and a reputation as the number one supplier of petroleum, Alaska is going to need engineers now and into the future. The variety of jobs that are available can accommodate many different types of engineering degrees, so it is up to you as to which one you choose to get. With the advances in technology and everyday life, there is also plenty of future potential for those who get computer and technology related engineering degrees in Alaska, although the pay will not be as high as it might be for other engineering professions.

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