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Technology Degrees in Alaska

Guide To Technology & IT Programs In Alaska

Are you interested in a obtaining a degree in technological development or information technology? Alaska is a state with plenty of opportunities for the technologically minded student. If you are seeking a firm foundation in computer science, information technology engineering, software development or programming, you should know that there are traditional and online options that will allow you to obtain the education you need to be successful. If you decide to stay in Alaska once you’ve obtained your degree, there are plenty of job opportunities in both industry and civil service. ARCO Alaska, VECO, BP Exploration, Alyeska Pipeline Service, and Alaska Petroleum Contractors are some of the largest employers in the state, and they depend on technology professionals to keep their operations running every day.

Alaska Technology & IT Job Outlook and Salary

Although it is infinitely beautiful, Alaska is still one of the most sparsely population states in the entire country. This means that there is typically a shortage of the technology and information technology engineering candidates that are needed to keep industry and development moving in this part of the country. If you aren’t scared by a little snow or cold, Alaska might be the perfect place to get your technological career up and running. Those individuals who receive the right training can usually advance to a managerial or supervisory position and the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics reports that most people in these positions make between $47,440 and $80,940 a year, depending on experience and specialty.

It is expected that the demand for information technology specialists will increase faster than the national average for all occupations over the next six to ten years. The demand for more efficient and sophisticated technology to keep companies running smoothly will contribute to this increased demand. Those candidates who are well educated and up to date on the latest industry developments will be most in demand.
Pursuing an online degree in technology or information technology engineering in Alaska will be the beginning of a bright new career for you. Whether you’re going back to school to get further certification in your field, or just graduating from high school and interested in a career that will allow you to perform a valuable service for companies anywhere in the world, the technology and IT degree programs that are available in Alaska are guaranteed to give you the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

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