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Trade & Vocational Schools in Alaska

Guide to Alaska Trade and Vocational Schools

Unfortunately, Alaska does not offer many physical locations where an individual can receive hands on training for their chosen vocation. However, there are many, notable online programs that can offer you adequate instruction on how to pursue your chosen field of study. Plumbing and welding are examples of such fields. These online universities include Ashworth College, Penn Foster Career School, Everett Institute, and the New England Institute of Technology. However, most local community colleges and vocational schools will offer various hands on courses to participate in too. One such example of a school in Alaska is Charter College. After your coursework is completed, you may be required to undertake an apprenticeship.

The program you enter will also be dependent upon the specialty field of the profession you enter into. The coursework that you take as you pursue your dream will depend mostly upon what field of specialization you plan to major in. A typical course load would include classes in English, math, business, and safety, as well as the local regulations and codes for your industry in your particular area. If your field requires for you to undergo an apprenticeship, the length of your apprenticeship will be determined by the complexity of your specialization.

Alaska Vocational and Trade Job Outlook and Salary

Blue collar jobs are ones that will never suffer from a recession. Regardless of your specialization in your chosen profession, there will always be work for you. A blue collar worker has one of the most in demand jobs within the American economy. The services that most blue collar jobs offer are essential to the everyday lives of the general population. From residential to industrial work to even work within the Armed Forces of the United States, a positive job outlook is on the rise for many blue collar industries.

Your salary expectations can vary according to the field you choose to enter into. You should make it a point to research the salary caps of a profession before you choose to enter into it. For example, a licensed vocational nurse can expect to make roughly $49,000 a year. An underwater welder can expect to make approximately $125,000 a year. For those who choose to become self employed, there is no limit on how much income he or she can make.  It will depend upon their drive and determination. As you accumulate experience and seniority in your profession over time, you can expect to see your salary demands to increase accordingly.

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