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Your online resource for Alternative Medicine School and Career Information. Those people who have always wanted to work in healthcare, but who don't agree with western medicine can find rewarding careers by attending an alternative medicine school that will provide them with all of the education that they need in acupuncture, alternative healing, homeopathy, neuro-linguistic programming, and other therapies and healing arts that aren't recognized by traditional healthcare providers. These schools can offer associate and bachelor degrees in alternative medicine, as well as master's and doctorate level degrees that are accredited and recognized by the regulating authorities. Programs in alternative medicine will last between 2 and 6 years, and will offer a variety of courses and degree programs to choose from. The future of alternative medicine is promising, which provides students with the knowledge that they will have career opportunities when their education is completed. Students can become certified in a specific alternative healing practice or they can get a general degree in alternative healing. Certificate programs are also available, and those only take a matter of weeks to complete, allowing students to start work sooner and learn more later.

Alternative Medicine Schools

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