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Art & Design Degrees in Arizona

Guide to Arizona Art and Design Degree Programs

Do you love studying creative works from the past, or do you hope to create some of your own for the future? If the answer is yes, then a degree in art and design may be perfect for you. Arizona boasts a variety of academic institutes for you to choose from in this degree field, including The Art Institute, Collins College, ITT Tech. Degree opportunities are available online and through hybrid programs on top of traditional study, so students can decide if they want to work in a classroom setting or on their own at home.

Coursework for students in the field of art and design will change, depending on the person’s major and minor. Students will be required to attend core curriculum courses like math, science, English and history, but there will be many other studies involved in the degree program. Many schools may require two semesters of study in a foreign language in addition to core curriculum, unless students can be exempt through high school training or placement testing. Specific courses that are solely based on the student’s major will be pursued though as students choose to go into fields like Art History, Architecture, Film, Graphic Design, Theater, Illustration, Environmental Design and more.

Arizona Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

After obtaining a degree in art and design, you should be able to seek a variety of careers based on the major you took on. You may work as an artist painting some of the beautiful scenery in the area, or you may look into a more technical field of study. Growth within your chosen field may not fit national trends, but overall the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 16 percent increase in job availability over the next seven years. Your location may have numbers that well succeed that if the need for artists and designers presents itself.

Most people who work in art and design are self-employed, but there are those that act as partners or work for large firms. Salary is based on a person’s skills, client base, location, and overall experience, but most people earn $60,000 a year or more. Artists will be paid on commission, but someone who works at an art museum will likely earn a set hourly rate. Earning potential is entirely variable, but there are opportunities for financial success in Arizona. Getting a degree in art and design may just be the first step you need in a prosperous future for yourself.

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