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Law & Justice Degrees in Arizona

Guide to Arizona Law and Justice Degree Programs

Arizona has grown from a remote frontier state to one of the fastest growing populations in the country. This means that a law and justice student can find their degree here as well as enter the field. There are dozens of public and private colleges located throughout the state. Many of them offer various degrees for those interested in law and justice. Both Arizona State and the University of Arizona are good places to start. However, many community colleges and technical schools can help as well. There are many online options offered here as well.

The frontier still exists within the borders of Arizona. But there are also many densely populated urban areas if culture and refinement are more the style. The desert beauty is enhanced with the red gold of the landscape. Breath taking vistas are just around every corner. The largest urban areas are Phoenix and Tucson. Both are part of larger metropolitan areas that house other larger cities in their midst. Smaller towns can be found throughout the rest of the state. The state has experienced explosive growth over the past couple of decades. This is mainly in the urban areas. The rural areas are also gaining population the closer they are to the metro areas. Where can the Grand Canyon State do for your degree dreams?

Arizona Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The field of law and justice contains a wide variety of careers. It is not readily possible to offer a comprehensive study of each one. To get an idea of what Arizona offers police officers. The state’s demand for law enforcement officers is expected to grow 13% according to the Arizona Department of Economic Security. This is slightly higher than the national average of 11%. Most opportunities will be concentrated in the growing urban areas near Phoenix and Tucson. But smaller cities and rural communities are also seeing some growth. The state and federal government will need help as well. Rangers will be needed in the national parks as well.

As far as wages go, the starting salary can range from $37,000 to $39,000 annually. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $52,000. Smaller towns and rural communities will usually offer less than this however. The state’s growth rate and population means that the number of available jobs will be healthy for those with degrees. Higher degrees will provide more options, but even gaining an associate's degree will open doors.

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