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Management Degree in Arizona

Management schools in Arizona provide management training at any level, as they offer diplomas; associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees; and graduate certificates. Generally, at the associate's or bachelor's levels, management courses in Arizona include liberal arts training combined with an emphasis on business basics. Typical curriculum covers basics in accounting, economics, finance, human resources and marketing. If you're exploring management degrees in Arizona, you should know that the areas projected to experience the most rapid growth between 2009 and 2011, as identified by the Arizona Department of Commerce, include health care, leisure and hospitality, education services and professional and business services. Fortunately, management schools in Arizona appropriately target these growth areas, offering specializations in technical, e-commerce, financial and information systems management. Online management schools in Arizona provide further flexibility in location, scheduling and specialization options. Some economic growth-focused management specialties include property, health care, human resources, hospitality and retail management. According to 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistics data, compensation and benefits managers earned a mean annual salary of $85,790; computer and information systems managers earned $106,220; medical and health services managers earned $78,740; and property, real estate and community association managers earned $55,860. Many of these positions may be available to those with proper training and management degrees in Arizona.

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