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Physical Therapy Schools in Arizona

Guide to Arizona Physical Therapy Schools

Arizona physical therapy schools are not as plentiful as they might be in some other states. Your best options for education here are in the Tucson, Phoenix, Glendale, and Mesa areas. Of course, the latter three are all in the same general area, while Tucson is slightly south of that metropolis. Any and all of these destinations provide many educational options for people who come seeking a physical therapy career in Arizona. If you live in a more remote part of the state, you might consider online courses or a vocational program if you aren’t close to traditional colleges to get your education.

Arizona is home to the University of Arizona and the infamous Arizona State University, both of which are known for their stellar sports programs. However, the educational offerings at these schools are just as plentiful as the sports choices, and you should make sure that you take advantage of them if you want to have the best career in physical therapy that you can. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their career training and education, and yours are what will help you choose which school or training program is best. Online programs will usually require supplemental hands-on training in a classroom or work environment, so keep that in mind if you decide that’s what you want to do.

You can have your pick of educational paths that will get you careers in physical therapist positions, physical therapy assistant positions, and even physical therapy aides if you want a faster, simpler career path. Check out the schools that await you today and get started on your career success now.

Arizona Physical Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Arizona does have a pretty positive future outlook for careers of all kinds. Physical therapy and other healthcare careers are in high demand all over the nation, and Arizona is no exception. If you get in now and get your education completed, you can count on many positions for your physical therapy training in the next five to ten years as time goes on. The positions in Arizona also pay well, which is something that everyone wants to hear. With a moderate cost of living and high-paying professional careers, Arizona can be a great place to get an education, start a career, and settle down to make your own life.

Arizona physical therapists that are licensed can earn about $71,000 annually for their skills, while a physical therapy assistant will bring in about $40,000 each year on average. For physical therapy aides, who require much less education, a salary of around $24,000 can be expected depending on the position and the type of work that is being done. All in all, between the laid-back, high quality living and the great career opportunities and future potential, Arizona is one place worth considering for your physical therapy education and career.

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