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Psychology Degrees in Arizona

Guide to Arizona Psychology Schools

Arizona psychology schools are not hard to find. The state that was once known as a frontier state is now one of the busiest and fastest growing in the nation. There are many jobs in psychology, real estate, service, and insurance, and just as many educational programs to go with them. The community college system in Arizona is very strong, as well. This gives you many different opportunities to get the education that you’ve always wanted in Arizona. If you choose, you can even find online programs that will allow you to have a more flexible and convenient way to obtain your psychology degree. Whatever you choose, the options are completely up to you, and you will have plenty to pick from in Arizona.

Arizona can offer you some of the best education in the state, including the likes of Arizona State, the University of Arizona, and other well-known schools. The psychology programs at these popular institutions will be just as reputable as the schools themselves. With nearly 70 different educational institutions to choose from, your psychology degree is not far away. You should take the time today to check out all of the different programs that are available and find the one that is right for you. Keep in mind that a doctorate or master’s degree will elicit better careers, and might even be the only way to get certain jobs within this field.

Arizona Psychology Job Outlook and Salary

Arizona has very high standards for their professionals, and they pay every penny for those standards to be met. In 2008, psychologists in Arizona earned an average income of $138,000 for their work. School psychologists, clinical psychologists, and counseling psychologists earned an average income of $60,000. This is rather impressive compared to what professionals in other states are paid. Of course, the cost of living here is slightly higher, but does not accommodate for that much of a salary increase by any means. Therefore, your career in Arizona will be well compensated. Counselors and social workers with less education were earning an average of $46,000 annually for their skills.

There is plenty of opportunity for future growth in the Arizona psychology industry. With more people moving into the state and the economy looking to become more diversified, the opportunities will continue to grow with time. Whether you are a recent graduate or just getting started on your educational experience, you can guarantee that your education and career in Arizona will serve to provide you with a high quality of life and a successful career that you can love.

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