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Art & Design Degrees in Arkansas

Guide to Arkansas Art and Design Degree Programs

Arkansas is a fun state to live in, and there are a lot of colleges around for people to pursue just about any major imaginable. One such major might be in art and design. With this, students may look at either the technical or creative side of art in the hopes of gaining a promising career. There are online and traditional degree opportunities in the state of Arkansas, and student’s can work through American Intercontinental University, ITT Tech, and community colleges scattered throughout the state. The majors offered at these academic institutes may vary based on educational director availability and the general focus and size of the school.

There are many different courses that may go into a degree in art and design. On top of the basics like math and English, students may be required to take up foreign language courses or business courses to earn their degree. Specific requirements for a student’s chosen major will also be set as students must gain more extensive knowledge in their field of pursuit. Most students, however, do end up taking some sort of art history, no matter what degree they attain.

Arkansas Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There is a positive outlook for the future of job availability in Arkansas. For the nation as a whole, job growth is expected to be around 16 percent until 2016. The actual growth within a specific sector of Arkansas will be based on the career in question, the economy of the area, and any recent events that could have caused a fluctuation in job opportunities. For instance, the field of Anthropology will likely see a more substantial growth in Arkansas than it would in other parts of the country because there are a lot of European artifacts in this state.

There are many places that people can work after obtaining an art and design degree. Such positions may include work in a museum, classroom, or personal studio. The majority of art and design majors do become self-employed after graduation, so there are a few extra factors to consider when looking at average salary. A person’s skill, time on the job, and client base will all go into determining how much one might make. Figures usually start around $60,000 annually, but that could widely change for any given situation. Some people are paid a standard hourly wage, but others may be paid per project if they work on a commission base.

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