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Business Degrees in Arkansas

Guide to Business Schools in Arkansas

Business schools in Arkansas leave a lot of room for people to make money and do what they want. Although agriculture is the main industry here, there are many business jobs that go hand-in-hand with the agriculture industry. Farming cannot be done without people on the business end of things to take care of sales and other non-farming matters. Anyone looking for a business school education in Arkansas can guarantee that they’ll find plenty of jobs for their future.

For those who choose it, there are many courses in small business ownership, managing your own business, international business, and a variety of MBA programs that can enhance the success that is achieved. Popular fields of work in business within the state of Arkansas include finance and accounting, administration, sales, and marketing. There are online programs and traditional college courses that can be pursued, and all will lead to future job success given the growth rate for the business industry within the state of Arkansas. Jobs are expected to keep growing, and as the need for business professionals grows, so will the starting salaries and average pay rates that these careers garner.

Arkansas Business Job Outlook and Salary

Arkansas is known for being one of the leading farming and poultry states in the United States. However, business schools and business careers are also popular in this mostly agricultural state. Business jobs do make up a large part of the employment within the state, and most of the management-level positions will be found in Little Rock, Jonesboro, and Fayetteville. A purchasing agent working with a farm can expect to make about $54,000 starting, while a wholesale or retail buyer will make around $46,000 when they start.

In addition to these positions, there are many other viable business careers to be found in Arkansas. Those who are employed in management positions within the state will average around $65,000 annually, while upper level management and chief executives will make well over $120,000 a year. The type of degree that is held will definitely impact the pay scale and available jobs. Those with higher or more advanced degrees will get paid more, while those with lower degrees will earn less. If you want to make the most money possible, head into the cities listed above. If you’re not looking for money as much as you are a solid career, you might check out other locations that offer quality jobs that might not pay as well.

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