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Law & Justice Degrees in Arkansas

Guide to Arkansas Law and Justice Degree Programs

Arkansas can offer up a surprise for many. Located in the South, it is bordered on the east by the Mississippi and goes upwards as it reaches the Ozarks in the West. This state has a very diverse economy that can shock the uninformed. The state is also home to dozens of colleges and universities that offer law and justice degrees. These run from the state run University of Arkansas and Arkansas State to several private colleges. Technical schools and community colleges fill in the gaps. Many offer varying levels of degrees. Some also offer online class options as well.

The state of Arkansas is home to several large multi-national companies. Many of these are clustered in the North West corner of the state near Fayetteville. The state capital of Little Rock is the largest metropolitan area but other smaller cities can be found in other areas. The state has experienced steady growth over the past few decades due to its growing economy. Most is centered in the center and north-western parts of the state. The state offers a lower cost of living that is attractive for those looking to move. The state also has a moderate climate that enjoys all four seasons. How can the Natural State help you with your degree dreams?

Arkansas Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Arkansas provides a wide range of jobs in the field of law and justice. It is not easy to provide a good overview of each option. To get an idea of what the state offers, let’s take a look at what police officers can expect. The state’s demand for law enforcement officers is expected to grow 19% according to the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. This is higher than the national average of 11%. Most opportunities will be concentrated in the urban areas near Little Rock, Fayetteville and Fort Smith. State requirements for law enforcement officers will grow as the state’s population expands.

As far as wages go, the starting salary in Arkansas can range from $21,000 to $23,000 annually. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $33,000. This is significantly smaller than the nation median salary for police officers. The lower cost of living offsets this somewhat, but it is still out of proportion. Smaller towns and rural communities will offer less than this. Better salary levels can be found closer to an urban center. Degree holders can expect better options than those without one.

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