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Psychology Degrees in Arkansas

Guide to Arkansas Psychology Schools

Arkansas is the nation’s largest rice producer and their largest percentage of the workforce is in the service industry. However, there are plenty of psychology schools and programs that people can attend to get a degree in the field of psychology. In addition, there are plenty of jobs for graduates once they complete their education, no matter where in the state they live. This might not be the prime state for the best psychology careers, but as long as there are people, there will be a need for these professionals. If you don’t find the education that you want at schools like Arkansas State University and other known colleges in the area, you can find online programs that will help you get the degree that you need.

Arkansas psychology schools offer a little something different for everyone. Whether you are looking for a particular field of study or just a school in a certain city, you can find whatever you are looking for when you choose Arkansas schools for your psychology education. Online courses will give you more flexibility and convenience, which is always helpful in a state like this with so many rural spaces. Your master’s or doctorate level degree will get you to the best career prospects available, and might even be required for many psychology professions.

Arkansas Psychology Job Outlook and Salary

Arkansas has a positive job outlook, although it might not exactly be booming. It will be steadily growing and providing many opportunities for psychology professionals to find the careers that they have always wanted. The future is going to provide growth for many organizations and creation of new business and a growing population that will need professional services like these. Therefore, those pursuing a degree and career in psychology in Arkansas can trust that they will find what they’ve been looking for.

Psychologists in Arkansas will earn average incomes of around $90,000 annually. This is quite substantial compared to the moderate cost of living in this state. Others with psychology degrees that choose social work or counseling can expect to earn average annual incomes between $35,000 and $45,000 depending on their specific training and position that they seek. In Arkansas, educational counselors and mental health counselors will earn the most among their industries. All of these things lead to the proof that Arkansas is a great place for the psychology career that you’ve always dreamed of.

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