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Careers in art and design take many different forms, from graphic and web designers for corporate companies to freelance illustrators and photographers who make their own schedules, but what is certain is that this creative, emerging field is always looking for talented and qualified applicants. As media outlets such as television, advertising, and the Internet grow and expand, so too does the need for individuals with degrees in art and design to build, populate, and promote these spaces. With an education from one of the art and design schools near you or in another state of your choice, you can be one step closer to a bachelor's degree in animation, interior design, fashion merchandising, or any number of other degrees in art and design that can help you get your foot in the door of this exploding job market. Students trained in art and design are not limited to a narrow career path and can easily move between the many varied and unique industries that require their skill set without having to train or receive further education. There has never been a better time to get an art and design degree online and open the door to an exciting, creative future.

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