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Auto Repair Training

Your online resource for Auto Repair Training and Career Information. Automotive repair technicians are always in high demand. With an increasing number of cars becoming more electronic and computerized and less mechanical, a new breed of professionals is being created with auto repair training classes. Students will learn the mechanics of auto engines, but they will also learn computers, electronics, mathematics, physics, and chemistry as a part of the job training education that they receive. Many professionals who choose automotive repair as their career receive much of their education in high school, through vocational programs and youth programs. However, if a student decides after high school to follow this career path, postsecondary education is in order. Programs can last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the certificate or degree that is sought. There are some dealers and manufacturers that sponsor 2-year degree programs for students who divide their time between working and studying for their degree. A completed auto repair training course will give way to many career opportunities with dealerships, manufacturers, and private sector repair shops. Mechanics with enough experience can also become self-employed.

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