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Your online resource for Bioinformatics Degree and Career Information. Bioinformatics is a combination of technology and biology to create a career where computers are used to analyze and interpret biological data and information. This career skill is found to be most useful in genetic engineering and biotechnology, but has other career possibilities as well. Anyone who pursues a bachelor degree in this field will find careers in microbiology computer science and research, and related careers. A master's bioinformatics degree will garner higher ranking positions and the position of biomedical engineer and database administrator, as well. Anyone seeking a way to work with biology and technology in one career can do exactly that in bioinformatics. The job prospects for this career are going to be good and will only serve to increase as technology advances and becomes more and more a part of daily life in all careers. The classes that will be taken for this degree include molecular genetics and biology, functional genomics, computational courses, macromolecular structure, and other related courses. There are also basic biology and computer science courses that are required before higher level courses are taken.

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