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Your online resource for Bookkeeping Degrees and Career Information. Bookkeeping careers are increasing in their demands on workers and creating many future job prospects for current students. Many of the professionals employed in this industry are approaching the age of retirement or their skills are becoming outdated, creating new opportunities for students who get bookkeeping degrees and want to pursue a career in this industry. Because things are becoming much more technology-based, the skills learned in today's courses are much different than skills taught even a decade or two ago. While a high school diploma can be sufficient for entry-level positions, many employers require postsecondary education for new hires because of the increasing complexity of the job at hand. People who excel in bookkeeping degrees and careers will be neat, organized, detail-oriented, and discreet, as they often come into confidential information in their line of work. Some employers require associate degrees in accounting or business for the bookkeeping positions that they offer. Anyone who takes the necessary courses for bookkeeping degrees will be able to find jobs in offices, corporations, and even retail environments along with many other industries where record keeping is done.

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