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Business Administration Degrees

Your online resource for Business Administration Degrees and Career Information. Business administration is a very popular degree path for many college students. It opens the door to a variety of career opportunities and is usually where many undecided students end up simply because of the vast possibilities that they will have after graduation. Business administration involves learning about all aspects of business operation, and is ideal for those who want to work with large corporations or start their own businesses. The degree programs teach courses in business ethics, finance and accounting, business policies and practices, employee and human resource management, and related courses. There are 2-year programs, 4-year programs, and master's level business administration degrees for students to choose from. Graduates of these programs may choose to become involved in international business, domestic business, or many other industries once they have completed their education. Employers typically require this education for new hires and might require refresher courses for current employees because of the valuable skills that can be learned, leading to rewarding careers and opportunities for advancement in many areas.

Business Administration Schools