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Business Degrees

Business is an expansive field that encompasses everything from accounting and finance to psychology and marketing. Whether you enjoy hard numbers and facts or more elusive intangibles, there exist business degrees to satisfy your interests. It's also possible to retrofit any number of non-business careers and disciplines into your training. Hospitals, schools, government agencies, entertainment companies, and charity organizations all thrive under the stewardship of professionals with business degrees of one sort or another.

Different Types of Business Degrees

Economics, marketing, public relations, bookkeeping, finance, advertising, consumer psychology, conflict resolution, human resources, and various types of information technology all fall under the broader umbrella of business degrees. While many opt for associate training in the field, long-term career advancement often becomes much easier when you have a bachelors or master's degree in one of the above. An MBA is the gold-standard that many aspiring business professionals seek. But some disciplines, like psychology, occasionally warrant a PhD for entry.

Career Prospects with Business Degrees

Because business covers such a broad spectrum of industries and interests, providing comprehensive career data is difficult. But given that globalization and increased international competition are both on the rise, demand for those with business expertise is also expected to grow in many business-related fields. Accountants, for example, can anticipate faster than average demand for their expertise as greater regulation and oversight continue to drive the market. Salary projections are equally difficult to nail down. Whereas accountants might earn a median salary of $55K a year, entrepreneurs often exceed $100K a year if they can successfully apply the lessons learned through their rigorous business training.

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