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Art & Design Degrees in California

Guide to California Art and Design Degree Programs

California is a thriving hub for cinema and art history, so there is no question that it is great state in which to pursue a degree in art and design. Students can look into both classroom and online universities when seeking such a degree, so they determine whether they want to study at home or in a more traditional setting. A degree in art and design may focus on one side of art, whether it is the technical, historical, or creative aspect. Courses will be derived based on a student’s particular major, but the basics of math, science, history and English remain standard across the board.

Students seeking an art and design degree in California can work through many academic institutes, including but not limited to Golden Gate University, The Art Institute, Western Career College, the International Academy of Design and Technology, and Alliant International University. Through these academic institutes, students may major in Art History, Film, TV Production, Theater, Dance, Architecture, Music, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Interior Design and much more. There are many different chances for careers with a degree in art and design, and California may provide just the right culmination of cultures to make for the perfect place to study.

California Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

Since California is home to Hollywood, there are a lot more job opportunities available in the area for people in the film, TV, and video industries. As a whole, the field of art and design is expected to grow 16 percent until 2016, but California’s growth will likely be much higher than that. As more and more people become consumed with the Hollywood lifestyle, career opportunities can only continue to emerge. The location may be the cause for great competition, but those who are dedicated to their career and good at the tasks at hand should see no problem with getting a position.

The salary for someone with a degree in art and design is rather indeterminable as there is such a range of careers in the area. The national average is said to be $60,000, but with the high standard of living in California, that rate is likely much higher in the area. Feature films with million dollar budgets are obviously going to lead to high paychecks, so it’s really just a matter of what a person is looking to get into. An art and design degree may open a lot of doors for a thriving financial future.

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