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Engineering Degrees in California

Guide to California Engineering Schools

California engineering schools might be one of the state’s best kept secrets. It’s not all beaches and beauties in this state. There are plenty of engineering schools and job opportunities for those who seek them, especially in the aerospace, petroleum, and information technology related industries. There are over 400 colleges and universities in California, and the number of vocational and technical engineering schools is on the rise, as well. With all of this access to education and positive futures for hot engineering careers, California engineering schools are a great choice for your career training. Online courses are a great way to fast track your engineering education, and are plentiful in California as well.

A four year degree in engineering can land some great technician and other engineering jobs for the future, while a master’s program or higher education in a specialized field can lead to engineering jobs in a variety of disciplines where the income is very substantial. The cost of living is also high in California, though, so you will need to accommodate for that when considering the salaries that you can expect to make. California engineering groups often have scholarships or grant funds set up for students who are pursuing careers in this field, which can help to offset the costs of any education.

California Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

California has always been a forward-moving state. They hold the best jobs in information technology, aerospace, and other engineering related fields. From agricultural engineering to civil engineering, the job outlook in California is strong for this particular industry. With many businesses turning to technology to handle day-to-day operations, computer engineers and those in fields related to technology will find the most work in the state of California, along with some of the top earnings. Technology related engineering positions generally garner more than $100,000 annually on average.

Other engineering positions pay well, also. Consider civil and environmental engineers who make an average of $86,000 annually, as well as chemical engineers, biomedical engineers and electronics engineers who can average a salary that is in the $90,000 range per year. The best jobs go to petroleum engineers who make close to $125,000 on average for their abilities, as well as computer hardware engineers who can earn an average wage of $111,000 or more each year. With the high salaries and demand for engineers, California can afford to offer some of the best engineering careers available, along with an education that can prepare anyone for a career within this industry.

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