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Paralegal Schools in California

Guide to California Paralegal Degree Programs

The state of California is home to a number of paralegal schools for you to choose from. You can either go to one of the physical campuses sprinkled throughout the state, or you could opt for a more modern degree that is entirely internet based. You will receive the same education regardless, so it’s just a matter of what program best fits your learning and your schedule. For your web based options, look into Kaplan University, South University, or Colorado Technical University Online. For the physical degree programs, check out ITT Tech, Fremont College, Charter College, Heald College, or Bryan College. There are other schools in the state, so make sure that you analyze all of your opportunities before making a final decision.

There are a lot of different courses that you might encounter during your paralegal training, but they will all be focuses around ways that you can assist lawyers in their jobs. For the most part you will either be pursuing a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s, but there are those that already have a college education. All they need to do is go through a few months of training to get certified. During your time in school you will likely learn about things like business law, filing protocol, and detailed information about the different branches of the judicial system.

California Paralegal Job Outlook

A number of firms may seek to cut costs by assigning duties to paralegals that were once only performed by lawyers. This has created openings in the field that you have the chance to fill.

As for how much you might make, several factors come into play. Geographic location is often a big determining aspect of annual earnings, but so are job experience and time on the job.

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