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Psychology Degrees in California

Guide to California Psychology Schools

California psychology schools are not hard to find. The state actually has the largest educational system in the entire nation, and includes more than 400 colleges and universities. There are also a number of technical and vocational programs as well as online courses that can be taken to earn your psychology degree when you need it. The choice of schools is up to you, and you can guarantee that you will find exactly what you want no matter where you look. From California State University to UCLA and everything in between, there is a psychology program that can put you on the path to career success with ease.

Online courses are great for people who want to fast track their careers and make the most of their time spent learning. These courses are more affordable, more flexible, and easier to find for people of all types. However, there is a lot to be said for the hands-on learning and experience of a typical college education. In the end, it’s up to you to choose which school best suits your needs. Regardless, your psychology degree is your key to success.

California Psychology Job Outlook and Salary

California is mainly focused on technology, petroleum, and aerospace. However, their economy also places a large importance on the role of psychology professionals, which can offer you plenty of hope for careers in the future, be it a year or five years from now. The economy is working to diversify itself and people are constantly coming to the state in need of a new, fun way of life. California has plenty of room for psychology professionals, and can pay them well for their services. Keep in mind that California also has one of the highest costs of living in the U.S., so you will need to make sure that you are compensated to make up for that.

Psychologists in California are paid very well, earning an average income of $120,000 a year or more. Depending upon the work that is done, this number can vary significantly, so choose your discipline within the field of psychology carefully. Those who choose counseling jobs or social work in lieu of higher level jobs will earn average incomes around $45,000 and $51,000 respectively. No matter how you go about it, these wages are well above the national average, which more than makes up for the increased cost of living. With great weather, great jobs, and friendly people, California is a great place for your psychology education and career.

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