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Teaching & Education Degrees in California

If teaching interests you, you may want to consider attending one of the California teaching programs. Educational settings are located throughout the state, but if you are already employed or looking to learn online, you may want to consider one of the online teaching degrees in California. For kindergarten and elementary-level teaching, you will learn how to teach basic skills to developing children. Aspiring middle- and secondary-school teachers will learn the skills to teach at a more in-depth level. Good communication skills, motivation, and the ability to inspire could help you to enhance your teaching career. As a student of education, you will also benefit from a teaching internship as part of your undergraduate program. Graduates from teaching programs in California are required to apply for a state teaching license before commencing employment. According to the BLS, more than 192,000 elementary-level teachers worked in the state and earned mean wages of $61,230. Also, more than 128,000 secondary-level teachers worked in the state and earned mean wages of $63,860, according to BLS data. If you want to become one of the teachers at work in the "Golden" state, consider attending one of the teaching programs in California.

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