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Trade & Vocational Schools in California

Guide to California Trade and Vocational Schools

Blue collar jobs are an industry that is ever growing. Within the United States, blue collar workers are relied upon as a necessary source of essential services across the country. If you are interested in entering such a profession, there are many local community colleges and trade schools that will teach you the necessary skills. In California, these schools include Charter College and Fremont College. Many companies also offer to train drivers within programs that their own companies offer. For students who require the flexibility of an online program, Baker College Campus, the North American Trade School, and All-State Career offer these options.

The coursework that a degree from a vocational school requires is not that of a typical college career option. It does not include classes in science or math. Most programs are designed to teach a student hands on experience only. Furthermore, a potential student will be taught the local rules and regulations within their region for their industry. Even if you have obtained your degree, a new employer may require you to undergo additional training courses offered by their company. Depending upon your chosen profession, you may also be required to undergo an apprenticeship before you are allowed to work independently in your field.

California Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is a positive outlook for jobs in the foreseeable future for those who are interested in studying blue collar vocations. More and more companies and people are looking to the blue collar job industry as an economical means of providing essential services across the country, so the need for workers is increasing. Blue collar jobs are at the essence of the American economy. There is a projected increase in the amount of available jobs within these industries for the next ten years. This provides a positive job outlook for trade school graduates.

Your pay scale will be determined on a variety of factors. The first of these factors is the amount of skill that your job requires. Secondly, as you gain experience and seniority within your field, you can expect your annual salary to increase accordingly. For those who choose to become self employed upon graduation, there is virtually no limit to the amount of money that they can make. There are opportunities for advancement within the blue collar job industry. However, in order to obtain these, you may be required to undergo additional schooling.

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