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Your online resource for Carpentry School and Career Information. Carpenters are a unique group of professionals, with about 32% of them being self employed. There are many ways for carpenters to learn their craft, including carpentry school, job training, and formal apprenticeship programs. In all, the process of education and training can take 3-4 years before a carpenter is able to work outside of an apprentice position. Classes that are required for carpentry school students include algebra, geometry, and other math classes as well as shop classes, blueprint reading, physics, mechanical drawing, and even English. Those who wish to pursue a career in carpentry can start by working as an apprentice right out of high school, and can attend formal training at the same time to give them the best chances of future success. Apprentices have to be 18 years of age and meet other state or local requirements, which can vary from one state to the next. An education in framing, layout, form building, finishing, and tools of the trade is taught on the job. Those who complete an apprenticeship program can become self-employed or work for contractors and other commercial or industrial companies.

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