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Child Pyschology Degree

Your online resource for Child Psychology Degree and Career Information. Child psychology is a spin-off from developmental psychology that focuses specifically on children and how they develop and grow. Child psychology degree programs teach students how to evaluate and analyze the way that children are growing, developing, and learning throughout their lives. Focuses in this area of psychology are on social, intellectual, cognitive, moral, and neural development. Anyone who has a degree in child psychology can do clinical work, study special children's cases, do research, and work with families and the various issues that they can have as a unit. The majority of those who hold a child psychology degree have at least a master's degree, while many have their PhD in psychology in order to practice in private clinics or as a self-employed clinical psychologist who specializes in child psychology. The career outlook for this particular field is positive due to the growing population and the rising number of psychology professionals reaching retirement age. Within the next decade, there will be plenty of opportunities for students to find professional careers in a variety of areas dealing with child psychology.

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