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Your online resource for Clinical Psychology Degree and Career Information. Within the psychology discipline, clinical psychology is by far the most popular career that is available. This type of career focuses on studying cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and related issues for those people who have psychological issues. Clinical psychologists can have a private practice or they can work for a counseling service within the community. Most deal with more serious issues like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and they have to have a special certification in child psychology to work with children. The majority of those who obtain a clinical psychology degree do so with a master's or PhD program because that is what is required to have counseling or other career options. There are two actual types of doctorates for this field, including the PhD, which is based on quantitative matter and facts, and the Psy.D, which is based largely on clinical work. Those who pursue a clinical psychology degree can find careers in hospitals, schools, mental health clinics, and by going into business for themselves. These professionals will have plenty of job opportunities in the coming decade as an increase in population and retiring professionals prompts demand.

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