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Clinicial Laboratory Technician

Your online resource for Clinical Laboratory Technician Education and Career Information. Clinical laboratory technologists are required to hold a bachelor's degree in medical technology or life sciences, while technicians are only required to obtain an associate degree or certificate in order to become certified to do their job. Education for the technicians includes training in chemistry, sciences, math, statistics, and business and management courses. Some states require licensing for this position while others don't mandate such a thing. However, some employers will require training or prefer to hire people who have certification even if it isn't state mandated. It's always a good idea to get certified when you can because it shows your commitment and your competency in your profession. The clinical laboratory technician is responsible for examining and analyzing fluids and cell samples that are sent in to determine the causes of patients' illness or issues. The increased use of computer programs has taken some of the hands-on work out of the career and turned it to a more analytical approach. However, it is still a popular career where professionals are needed, and will be into the future.

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