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Accounting Schools in Colorado

Guide to Colorado Accounting Degree Programs

Colorado Springs is sort of the hub for accounting schools within the state of Colorado, but there are a variety of other cities you might get a degree within. Among those cities are Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo and Aurora. You can also look to the internet if a physical degree program will not work for you. This option has grown in popularity over the years as people have become more dependent on their computer time. To stick with your traditional options though, you can go to College America or National American University – to name a few.

Assuming that you have chosen a college to attend, you will have to look into certain classes to take to fill your degree requirements. Such courses may include financial reporting in corporate environments, business law, intro to accounting, and managerial accounting. There will also be core courses that you have to take, including math and English. You can always complete a CLEP exam to bypass these if you feel like it. The degree based courses will be pretty much set in stone, but elective selection will provide you with some flexibility as to what you choose to study. This is your chance to learn more about a particular field that may or may not pertain to your future career.

Colorado Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

Accountants will experience a great growth in their field over the coming years. There are many different reasons for this growth, but it has led accounting to be one of the most expanding fields of the future. One reason for this is because of a growing economy. As more businesses are developed, there is a greater demand for people to manage the finances around. There is also stricter legislation out about financial reporting, so companies are forced to look for good people to keep things straight come an audit.

You might make $30,000 during your first year on the job, but that number could also be as high as $50,000. That all depends on where you work. Contracted jobs and those run by the government will yield the highest pay, but you can still make a good living at a nonprofit organization or simply through your own firm. You should get a master’s degree if you want to uphold one of the higher positions available, but a bachelor’s degree will suffice for a lot of places. Get the education that suits your goals.

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