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Art & Design Degrees in Colorado

Guide to Colorado Art and Design Degree Programs

Colorado is arguably one of the most beautiful states to live in. With the mountains working their way ever so gracefully into the scenery, the state seems to provide a paradise for landscape artists to showcase their talents and creativity. With this easy access to inspiration, it would only make sense for Colorado to host many different academic institutes for art and design. Providing both traditional and online learning environments, this state can be a great place for an aspiring artist or art historian to expand their knowledge and earn a degree.

There are many different courses that can be taken as an art and design major. Students must complete the basic courses that are standard for all majors, and those include science, math, English and history. Specific Universities may further require students to take up a foreign language during their first few years in the program. From the many academic art institutes in this state, students can choose to study at College America, The Art Institute, Colorado Technical University and ITT Tech. There may also be opportunities at local community colleges, so students are encouraged to contact the institutes in their area for further information.

Colorado Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

So what can you do with a degree in art and design in Colorado? You could work as an Artist, Art Director, Painting Restorer, TV Producer, Art Administrator, or Printmaker, among many other positions. More than 62% of people with such a degree end up self-employed, purely because artistic work is usually done on a personal basis. Those who have jobs in museums or art institutes will earn an hourly wage, but freelance artists may get paid on a per project or commission basis.

The earning potential for a person with a degree in art and design is entirely dependent upon his or her determination, skills, knowledge, location, and access to clients. Some people may only earn $60,000 a year working in an hourly field, but artists that are sought after might make that much from a single painting. There is so much variance in this field because it covers a broad spectrum of careers. There is normally some level of advancement available for people working as Art or Museum Directors, but that is based on how much effort a person puts forth in their field. Overall, there are a lot of jobs that should be opening in the coming future for people with art and design degrees, so job growth is imminent.

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