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Paralegal Schools in Colorado

Guide to Colorado Paralegal Degree Programs

There are a lot of opportunities for you to get a paralegal degree within the state of Colorado. Students can go through traditional programs within the classroom, or they can opt for the internet based options of an online degree program. Either one will provide a sound education, so really it’s just a meter of where you learn best. Perhaps a hybrid program, including both options, would be suited for you. With regards to the hands-on programs offered throughout the state, you can choose to go to Kaplan University. Kaplan also offers an online program, as do South University and Colorado Technical College Online. Weigh out your options and see what school will provide you with the best education.

There are a number of courses that you may come across during your time as a paralegal student. It will only take a few years to complete your training, after which you can go out and start applying for jobs. If you have a college education already, you might only be required to go through a couple of months of training before you can get a certificate to work as a paralegal. Some places may even allow you to take a simple test to do that.

Colorado Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook in the future for paralegal work. An expanding population has led to growth in the job market as a whole, but paralegals in particular are seeing a great number of jobs come open. This is because law firms are now looking to paralegals to fulfill the tasks that were once only assigned to lawyers. This is all in an effort to cut costs. The economy is shaky right now, so employers want to make sure that they invest in the least costly workers. That just means more jobs for you.

There are some positions that are fraught with competition, so always be on top of your game. Those that do have high competition are often associated with high pay as well. In that case, you might be making close to $60,000 a year in something like a government position. There are some jobs that do not pay as well though, but they are easy to get and often a good starting point for a career. You might work for legal services and make $45,000 a year when you first start. Numbers obviously grow from there.

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