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Commercial Art Degrees

Your online resource for Commercial Art Degrees and Career Information. Commercial art careers usually refer to careers in advertising or communications. These careers can be obtained with a certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree in commercial arts or visual communication. Those who pursue commercial art degrees will be taught illustration, computer graphics, composition, keyboarding, internet art design, and various other elements related to commercial art production and advertising careers. Associate commercial art degrees are typically designed for a seamless transfer to a 4-year educational program, but can be taken as standalone programs for students who only need a two-year education. In the future, if a higher career position is sought, further education can easily be obtained. Students who take two or four-year degree programs in commercial art will study art history, introductory commercial art practices, drawing, website design, computer art, color systems theory, and other elements. For commercial art degrees, popular careers obtained after graduation include graphic designer, commercial artist, mechanical art designer, animator, or photographer. Of course, there are other careers available, as well, depending on the personal preferences and experience of the individual student.

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