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Art & Design Degrees in Connecticut

Guide to Connecticut Art and Design Degree Programs

Connecticut might not be the most prominent place to go for a degree in art and design, but that does not mean that you cannot pursue such a degree there. Finding a university that suits your particular study interests may be as simple as going to your local community college and seeing what kind of art program they offer. You may also be able to pursue a degree online at a place like Full Sail University. Entry requirements for each school may vary, but maintaining good grades early on is always a plus in the university’s eyes.

There are many different specializations under the field of art and design. You may be able to get a degree in Medical Illustrations, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Film, TV Production, Theater, Art History, Industrial Design, Urban Design and much more. Your specialization will determine the types of courses you take during your time at a university. A technical student will receive a different level of study than someone who wants to become an artist, simply based on the requirements for the respective careers. Minors will also influence which courses a student takes. The core curriculum remains standard across the board though as everyone is required to take math, science, history and English.

Connecticut Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There is promise for growth in the future for art and design careers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that in the year 2016, the amount of jobs will have grown by 16 percent in the country. Whether Connecticut is able to follow that trend can only be determined in time, but there is no doubt that an art and design degree can at the very least open several doors for differing careers. A person with such a degree may be able to work as an Art Director, Art Historian, Landscape Designer,  Graphic Designer, Illustrator,  Animation Specialist, Interior Designer, Photographer, or virtually anything else they wish to as long as it pertains to art in some way.

Earning potential will vary based on the city that a person works in, as well as his or her skill level, job experience and overall position. The national average sits around $60,000 a year, but there is a great variance within the field. Advancement or a particularly brilliant show of talent should yield a much higher rate of pay. Really it’s just a matter of how dedicated a person is to his or her career. That will determine how much money is earned.

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