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Nursing Schools in Connecticut

Guide to Connecticut Nursing Degree Programs

Choosing the right one from among the many Connecticut nursing schools is one of the things that you should consider if you are planning to pursue a career in nursing. Although the population in this state is not as big as in California, New York or Florida, Connecticut is still a good place to start your career because the competition is not very tough and there are quite a big number of open positions for nurses. Some of the prominent hospitals in this state that you may want to consider working for include Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport and Hartford Hospital.

In order to help further your career in nursing, you need to be able to rely on strong and active state nursing organizations. In Connecticut, there are many nursing associations and unions that are created for the sole purpose of helping out members find lucrative job opportunities as well as provide trainings and seminars to increase productivity and efficiency of nurses across the state. One of the most prominent is Connecticut Nurses’ Association. Meanwhile, the organization that is concerned with the welfare of students enrolled in Connecticut nursing schools and strives hard to promote the nursing education in the state is the Connecticut Student Nurses Association.

Connecticut Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Connecticut is one of the states in the country that badly needs new nurses. By 2010, the Nutmeg State will be in need of 11,000 registered nurses to replace aging nurses as well as provide healthcare to the aging baby boomers. This is based on the report released by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. In 2020, the nurse shortage is expected to soar to about 22,000.

One of the ways in which the state hopes to address the problem of nursing shortage is by increasing scholarships for deserving applicants to various Connecticut nursing schools. One non-profit corporation created and supported by the Connecticut Nurses’ Association and the Connecticut League For Nursing to help boost the number of students in Connecticut nursing schools is Nursing Career Center of Connecticut.

In order to lure registered nurses to work in Connecticut, the median salary of nurses in the state is also 7% higher than the average salary of RNs in other places in the country. In New Haven, the average base salary of staff nurses is at $69,800. If the bonuses, social security, healthcare and other benefits are included, a staff nurse in New Haven can earn $96,600 on the average.

Additional Nursing Schools in Connecticut

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Connecticut Technical High School System
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Western Connecticut State University
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